The Smoking Alternative

1. Reasons why it’s so popular to young adults is that it easy to use no experience or knowledge required Juul is now very common at teenage hangout and even at school that is not good and will be here forever meanwhile these harmful devices can remain on the market but good that own of Juul have changed using models in their 20’s have stop now older models that will help young adults change their mind about use Juul don’t really no the point to remember is that e-cigarettes are a product to be used to make people stop smoking make them non- smoking but if you keep on use in a long time can cause some harm to your body some people I talk to that smoking say it doesn’t cause harm and said it come in all shapes and sizes some people I talk to that smoking say it doesn’t cause harm and said it come in all shapes and sizes also come in various flavors as well flavors are fruit, chocolate, candy she show me some of her e-cigarette I think by working together we all can keep America’s youth and young adults safe from the dangers from tobacco use and nicotine addiction, Juul e- cigarette President Obama signed the family smoking tobacco control act was a good thing company is getting rich off e-cigarette had really cigarettes that why the company revenue grow to billion in 2018 also happy that Juul Labs have stop marketing tobacco products to young people but do you no children that some children,

get adults to buy it for them that’s right it’s people that well buy cigarettes for young adults that Next talk about Ethical Behavior is held by individuals that can be reflected in values practices and policies that shape and choices made by decision made on the behalf of their organizations ethics have code that is on the behavior of members like Doctors have to take an oath, Legal Behavior laws are written down and interpreted by the courts and also have a code, not like ethical there are established penalties on behaving in a way that conflicts within the law business ethical is a term that applies on the behavior of the person who work at the business as well the actions of the business itself that what I think about both ethical and legal behavior Research by talking to people.

Business marketing management is base on the size of your business and the industry in which your business operates every business should have a good marketing that will work for them that can make sure products are marketed the right way the marketing has to think about the business in terms of that it went business I have example of picture of Juul E-Cigarette look below here.


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